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Tarneaeg keskmiselt kuni 15 tööpäeva

Classic fit volleyball shirt for training and competition. Easy-care and quick-drying fabric wicks moisture away from the body surface. The volleyball shirt has been developed in cooperation with professional players.

Material: 81 % polyester, 19% Elastane
Neckline Options: V-shaped or classic rounded neckline
Additional Features: Team emblem, sleeve trim, and multicolored neckline available for an extra charge upon request.
Sublimation Printing: Full-coverage, sharp, and durable print based on the design approved by the customer. The print does not affect the technical properties of the fabric, it cannot be felt by hand.
Personalization: Add a player number and/or name at no extra cost.
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Product images are samples. The customer’s chosen design will be printed on the fabric. There is an option to select a suitable design from and extensive design gallery and have it further developed by our designer.

Choose from V-shaped or classic rounded neckline

Jalgpallisärgi ümarkaelus
Jalgpallisärgi V-kaelus
Jalgpallisärgi premium krae

Multicolored neckline (optional)

The multicolored neckline allows for further personalization of the garment’s design. Contains at least two colors.

Sleeve trim (optional)

The multicolored sleeve trim sewn on allows for further personalization of the garment’s design. It can also be used as advertising space.

Jalgpallisärgi täiendav käiserant
Embleem särgil

Team Emblems (optional)

Adding a team emblem, such as a logo or crest, can lend a touch of formality and elegance to the uniform. The price of the emblem depends on the quantity and the technique used for attaching it to the garments. Depending on the technology, the minimum quantity ranges from 15 to 100.